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Empty Arms and Reborns

No one warned me the weight of a newborn

leaves a bittersweet ache behind.

Which might be why some mourning moms

buy reborn babies,

dolls so lifelike strangers coo,

unaware the faux cherub’s wearing

its dead sibling’s clothes.

How creepy, I thought. Until yesterday,

when a newborn in her TV mom’s arms

made my empty arms weep.

I Googled Reborn Babies which—

it turns out—are expensive, but easy to order:




Hair: Rooted mohair or synthetic? Color?

Eyes: Closed or open?

Body: Cloth or vinyl?

Reborns are “Safety certified for ages 3+”

which means they should be safe

for a 66-year-old woman

who tenderly hugs her adult children—

but still misses the weight of her babies.

EMPTY ARMS (paper collage, SDF)

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